ELA and Instructional Technology Professional Development A listing of professional development created collaboratively with the Department of ELA and Office of Instructional Technology.

This professional development was created by New York City ELA teachers in conjunction with DOE Department of ELA staff and technology integration specialists. This professional development is designed to enable a teacher who has access to a projector and classroom set of internet-ready computers to enhance teaching and learning using 21st Century tools. This professional development is aligned to the National Educational Technology standards, The ELA standards and the National Staff Development Council standards, and can be used in conjunction with any literacy program.

Enrich a Personal Narrative Writing Unit with Technology

Elementary Sample Unit
(Consists of 8, 45-60 minute sessions)

Discover how technology can be used to enhance a writer’s ability to effectively organize the elements of a narrative and incorporate voice into their writing, through differentiated instruction and scaffolding techniques that enable teachers to take advantage of different learning styles. Participants will learn to enrich instruction by incorporating authentic audio and visual media and utilizing electronic graphic organizing tools.

Enrich a Feature Article Writing Unit with Technology

Grade 6 Sample Unit
(Consists of 8, 45-60 minute sessions)

Discover how to enrich feature article writing instruction by guiding students through the process of publishing their work safely, acceptably and appropriately online. In this class students use an electronic writers notebook to collect seed ideas, draft, revise, and edit their writing and use Inspiration and advanced functions in Word to organize and manage their writing and research.

Enrich a Persuasive Essay Writing Unit with Technology

Grade 7 Sample Unit
(Consists of 8, 45-60 minute sessions)

Discover how to enrich essay writing using strategies for infusing technology into each phase of the writing process as you develop a persuasive essay. Participants use technology tools such as blogs for gathering and selecting ideas, and advanced features in Word and Inspiration when researching, organizing and crafting a draft that is further revised, edited, and finally published and celebrated using blogs to reach a wider and authentic audience that can view, appreciate and comment on student work.

Enrich Exit Project Writing with Technology

Grade 8 Sample Unit
(Consists of 8, 45-60 minute sessions)

English Language Arts teachers will discover how to support their students in using technology to enhance the writing component of exit projects and project based learning. Participants explore the stages of the writing process and learn how digital graphic organizers, wikis, blogs, advanced word processing features and more can support collecting ideas and selecting topics to capture in an electronic writer’s notebook. Participants learn to use these tools to to foster writing and research skills, and in the development of critical thinking skills and language arts skills. The class culminates with participants celebrating writing using a collaborative online tool to publish their work.

Using SmartBoards to Enhance Literacy Instruction

(Consists of 4, 45-60 minute sessions)
Discover how to use a projector and interactive whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning in a Literacy classroom.