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Discover how to use your school's eChalk website and student and teacher email. Participants must work in schools that subscribe to the eChalk site.

eChalk is committed to helping schools succeed by providing an online environment that supports leadership, teaching and learning.

Class Components

Day 1

What is eChalk? How do I use my eChalk email account? How do we create a profile on eChalk and utilize your files and bookmarks on your eChalk account?

eChalk session_1_Participant's Agenda:
eChalk session_1 powerpoint: Powerpoint :
eChalk session_1_Participant's Resources:
Benefits for Teachers:
Writing an Email:
Enabling the Rich Text Editor:
Using the eChalk Image Gallery Search:
Using the Find Members Directory:
Auto Forwarding eChalk Email:
Editing Your Profile:
Using Your Digital Locker:
Learn to eChalk Web Site:

Day 2

How do we create a class page?

eChalk session_2_Participant's Agenda:
eChalk session_2 powerpoint: Powerpoint:
eChalk session_2_Participant's Resources:
Planning a Class Page:
Class Tips for Teachers: