Cyber Safety

The Office of Instructional Technology has partnered with i-Safe to provide cyber safety professional development designed to support the safe, appropriate, and acceptable use of the internet by New York City students, parents, teachers and leaders. The class is divided into four focus areas:
(1) Cyber-Community & Cyber-Safety
(2) Personal Safety and Inappropriate Websites
(3) Cyber-Predators/Cyber-Bullying/Cyber-Stalking
(4) Cyber-Citizenship & Intellectual Property
With the primary focus being, developing cyber-safety through understanding.

Note to Facilitators:
the PowerPoint presentation and all videos referred to in the facilitator's agendas are contained in the resources and DVD which are sent by iSafe when facilitators register the PD session and obtain an event number. The registration process is covered in Session One, Activity #3. All facilitators should have previously taken this training and been certified by iSafe to turnkey this PD. Once you are certified, you are then authorized to request an Event # when you register your PD session. The event # is sent to your e-mail within 24 hours, after it is authorized by iSafe. The event # is needed for participants to register during your training, Session One. Training should be registered at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for shipment of the DVD. All resources sent by iSafe are copyrighted and cannot be duplicated or posted to the web. You only need to request the resources once so if you are registering more than one training sessions be sure to check the box "do not need resources" after the first date.
Sample I-Safe Email to Participants

Class Components

1 Understanding Our Cyber-Community & Developing Awareness of Cyber Security


2 Personal Safety & Inappropriate Web Sites


3 Cyber-Predators, Cyber-Bullying & Cyber-Stalking

4 Cyber-Citizenship & Intellectual Property